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Thursday, October 6, 2016

What is That Smell? Always a Scary Thing When Living With Three Guys!

So I am in the office doing some internet surfing and avoiding housework...I keep getting a wiff of something unpleasant.

I turn on my Scentsy near the desk.  I go back to me browsing.  It doesn't go away.  I notice Nala laying at my feet.  I pick her up and proceed to sniff her all over.  I say all over, but I did not sniff her back end.  I will leave that for the neighbor dogs on our walk tonight.  She is the not the source I seek.

I go back to the computer.  Puzzled, I try to ignore it.  Jamie can attest that when my sniffer is on a smell, I am relentless until I find it and care for it.

I push my chair back, on all fours I am crawling slowly around the office.  Several scents, but none the unpleasant one I am tracking.  I conclude it is near the office desk chair.  I sniff the cushions.  Found it.  Tucked ever so sneakily between the base and back is a pair of Peyton's dirty black socks.  They are the same color as the chair.

Nala has attempted to hide her treasure from the laundry room last night.  Peyton came home for a visit and laundry.  Nala loves to take clean and dirty socks and hide them.  She gets huffy when we find them.

Odor found, I take them to laundry room with Nala hot on my heels.  I drop them on the laundry room floor and quickly attempt to shut the door.  The little thief is so stealthy, she is already running up the stairs with Jamie's socks.  I will be finding them in the living room later today.

I spray the office then proceed to wash my hands.

Now where was I Google?