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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The "Urge to Purge" & How many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop

I think of things daily to type, but never sit still long enough to do it.

Okay, it's day one post election or as I like to look at it The Christmas Season!  We are all alive, still working, still have money, etc.  Christmas video (Click Here)  Another one (Click here)  Last one...Maybe (Click Here)

So many of you saw all of the items I sold on the PEACH Facebook page...de-cluttering at the end of summer.  I had the "urge to purge" in May.  I am not talking about the movie trilogy.  The Purge (press here) Planned on a garage sale-but God thought it a bad idea, so I had surgery instead.  The "urge to purge" didn't go away, so I tried to sell items online.  I sold a lot, don't get me wrong.  However, the "urge to purge" is worse now than it was in May.

In our 23 years of marriage, we have lived in 11 houses, in 3 states, in 6 cities. (In Missouri: Chillicothe, Chillicothe, Chillicothe, Trenton, Liberty; Illinois: Quincy, Quincy; Iowa: Davenport; Missouri: Liberty; Iowa: Des Moines, Carlisle)  Moving from town to town was due to Hy-Vee, but multiple moves in one town was me getting "the itch" to move.  My mother-in-law always states I am crazy when I am itching to move again.  Hold on to your hat Kathy, I am feeling the need to toss, sell, gift, box, and move again.

It has nothing to do with the community or my friends.  It is just..."an itch".  Now will I get to move? Probably not.  Will I hoard boxes from produce departments at Hy-Vee to organize closets, storage, etc?  Probably. Will I start listing items on Amazon, Ebay and PEACH FSBO on Facebook? Probably.  Will my friends be annoyed?  Probably.

Now those who have read before, know I struggle with depression.  Is it bad right now?  Yes.  Am I gifting away my most cherished items and contemplating hurting myself?  NO!  I will not be listing my beloved iPhone, Mustang, iPad, PC, TV, Scanner/Printer, my overly large wine glasses, my Green M&M lady,

my too many frogs, my Jambox, my Paper Pro Stapler, my Kermit PJ's,
Kermit pillow, etc.

So rest assured it is not a warning sign of a pending suicide.  But I can't help but wonder if it is a side effect of depression.  Do I want to inventory my belongings?  Do I want to re-evaluate what I need vs. want?  Do I want to simplify?  or Do I just want to purge so I can begin hoarding more "junk" again?  Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, the world may never know.  How many licks does it take? (click here)

I do know that I am tired of making lists and wanting to purge...so moving or not, this lady is going to clean, organize, and purge.

On another note, I am addicted to donuts!  Yes, I know it could be worse.  However, do you plan your day around finding the nearest Hy-Vee with the freshest glazed donuts?  Not just any doughnut will do.  It has to be glazed.  It has to be a doughnut.  Not a long-john, etc.  I prefer it to have icing-no chocolate.  It can have drizzled icing but NO SPRINKLES!  I am not a Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme fan.  I will settle for Casey's if I want to torture myself with less than my desired perfection.  My family thinks it is funny.  They tease me.  They tell me no.  If it were only that simple.  It is an addiction!  Really!  An addiction that is increasing my waistline daily.  Soon I will need new clothes.  And yes, those of you wondering, I am still addicted to Diet Pepsi.  Of course, I have no desire to work out and earn my sweets.  Do I purchase and hide them for later?  Yes!  Of course, they haunt me the entire time they are hidden, until I decide I will end my suffering and eat it now.

Many are posting on Facebook upset by the election, worried for our nation and our futures.  I am worried for today.  I have found a reason to drive to South Des Moines this morning, so that stopping at Hy-Vee for two doughnuts seems logical.  I scheduled pick up of an item for 4p.m. tomorrow in hopes I won't drive to town tomorrow morning for a quick fix...but who am I kidding?  I will find a reason to get my doughnut.  If not at Hy-Vee, I will take Nala on a drive, because she needs to get out of the house.  We will go to Casey's for my fix.  I have even resorted to using my precious puppy to enable my addiction.

Remember the Dunkin Donuts commercials?  It's time to make the doughnuts (click here)  My mantra is How can I get a doughnut?  I need another doughnut!

United we stand.  Divided we fall.  Let's hope President Trump doesn't fire us all.
"You're Fired" (click here)

TTFN My Friends!