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Thursday, August 4, 2016

"He Who Must Not Be Named"

Okay, I have been off here for a bit, but going to catch you up the next few days.  This entry is one I started typing on June 10th:

Lord Voldemort of sorts has entered our house.  Those of you who follow Harry Potter are familiar with the term "He Who Must Not Be Named".  This has a new purpose in our home.  What does it now stand for?

Menopause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, it is a he because no woman would torment like this.

I have all of the symptoms, but maybe not... let me break it down for you.


Night Sweats-Yep I have those, although it is also listed as a side effect of a few of my perscriptions.

Anxiety-Yep, but I am a mom of two very busy boys, married to a guy working an average of 70+ hours a week...Why shouldn't I be?

Sleep Problems-Yep I have that.  But that is also a side effect of medications and part of my previously discussed here depression.  Besides good books can cause me not to sleep too.

Mood Changes-Duh!  Could again be meds or depression, or the fact I live with three guys.

Weight Gain-Sad to say yes.  Could be depression, lack of sleep, or all the concession stand foods we must eat going to or at games.

Thinning Hair/Dry Skin-Yes I have that.

Breast tenderness-OMG Yes!  That doesn't begin to cover this symptom.  Almost as bad as when pregnant. (Had a tubal so no Baby Stephens here.)

So I called a family meeting and stated we were NOT to say the word Menopause in our house.  I wouldn't be responsible for the poor soul who mentioned it or said "Hey, I think that is the menopause talking..."  If they like life they will tiptoe and avoid the topic.

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