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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Too Young Right? (Don't answer that!)

So Nala and I are enjoying our usual weekday routine today.  Cleaning a bit, two loads of laundry, losing ourselves on the internet...but odd things are happening.
Nala trying to rest in the office.

When starting a load of laundry, I walk through the basement shutting off all lights and shutting doors so Nala can come downstairs with me.  My timer on my phone goes off so we walk downstairs to switch the laundry.  Yes, I am that type A, I set alarms to switch laundry on time.

The door to the boys' bathroom is now open and the light is on.  Now I am 100% sure I closed the door and 80% sure I turned the light off when I did that.  I ask Nala if she did it, she looks at me with a "duh mom" look on her pretty little face.  I shut off the light, shut the door.  We switch the laundry.  Before we go upstairs, Nala with a sock in her mouth, I look over all the doors are closed and all lights are off.

When we arrive upstairs, Nala hides her sock treasure in the living room while I set the alarm for the house.  No one is going to come in and surprise me.  I hop in the shower. As I exit the bathroom, the lights over the kitchen bar are on.

I don't turn on lights during the day.  Bathrooms and laundry room are the only exceptions as they have no windows.  Nala is resting on the back of the sofa.  She would not be doing this if someone else was in the house.  I turn off the kitchen light.  Nala and I head to the office to surf the internet.

My alarm signals its time to switch laundry.  We descend the steps.  All doors are shut.  All lights are off.  Good.

When we bring Jamie's white shirts up to hang before they wrinkle, my bedroom door is open.  Now, we close all doors so the Nala doesn't steal every sock in the house.  I know that door was closed when we went downstairs.  I look to Nala she looks at me with her blue eyes...nothing.  After hanging the shirts, I close both closet doors.  I make sure the two bathroom doors are closed.  Then I securely close our bedroom door.

I make lunch.  As I approach the office, I hear music.  Funny, I had not started any music today.  My tv is still paused on the DVR show I was listening to.  "I've Got A Girl Crush" by Little Big Town is playing.  iTunes is now open on my monitor.  When I listen to music on the computer it is usually through I Heart Radio or Pandora.

Either I am experiencing early onset Alzheimer's, or someone/something is playing with me.  I grab my baseball bat from under my side of the bed.  (Yes, I sleep protected.)  Nala and I proceed to walk through every room turning the light on, looking everywhere, then shutting off the light and shutting the door.  No one is upstairs, so we head downstairs.  THE LIGHT IS ON IN CARTER'S ROOM!!!  Ah, got him!  Why did he come home early today?  Why is he playing tricks on us?  And why didn't Nala let me know he was here?

I open his bedroom door, bat raised.  No one is in there!

We finish our walk of the entire basement.  I quickly look under all doors to make sure all lights are off.  We head back upstairs.  I keep the bat with me.

Nala rings the bell, letting me know she wants to go outside.  (Yes, when we potty trained, we taught her to ring a bell hanging by the door so we know to let her out.)  I open the front door-the house alarm goes off.  I shut the door quickly and run to punch in the code.

So, I really did set the alarm.  No one can enter or leave while it is set without blaring sirens or loud beeping to disarm it.  No one is here with Nala and me.

Did I turn on all of the lights, open the doors, and turn on the music and not remember?  Is this a sign?  If so, what of?  Alzheimer's? Spirits? Ghosts?

I haven't taken any meds or sipped any wine.  But I may start if one more thing happens today.

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