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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Laundry Excitement

So, it is very rare that our laundry room doesn't have mounds upon mounds of laundry to wash, dry and put away.  Today was glorious!  I say WAS.  I entered the laundry room to wash the F@@%ing white baseball pants that we wore last night and must wear again tonight.  I was excited.  There was only two loads of laundry.  TWO!  I could get those done by noon and rejoice in the splendor of the bare laundry room floor.

I started water in the sink and placed the white pants in to soak.  I started a load of colors in the washer.  I could walk with my head high that all the laundry was washed.

I'm putting pop cans in the recycle can (another thing I LOVE about Iowa), and notice the washer/water pipes are sounding very loud.  Much, much louder than normal.  I walk downstairs to admire the splendor of a clean floor in the laundry room and check out the loud sound.

I left the water on in the sink (soaking white pants).  There is over an inch of water on the entire laundry room floor.  I hollar at Peyton who is in his bedroom 20 ft away.  I run upstairs to grab every towel from the closet, every fleece blanket, every throw blanket to absorb the water.

I find Peyton is still not present, so I yell multiple times and louder.  Nala is running around eating from tossed Doritos bags, empty Fiss cups, etc strewn all over the boys basement tv area.  She freezes and looks at me.  Tilts her head side to side.  I tell her, "Yes we were in there waking him up less than thirty minutes ago.  I know you licked his face and made him mad...but he went back to sleep."

He finally emerges to toss dirty towels from his room on the water. (No I didn't miss the fact that there is in fact loads of dirty laundry in his bedroom.)  He helps me carry very wet, very heavy blankets outside to start to dry.  He SnapChats often as I frantically try to catch all the water before it seeps into the walls, Carter's room and the carpet of the family room.

I guess I am thankful he took breaks to snap pics...or I couldn't show you some of this fun adventure.

I'm just grateful, he didn't catch me in a pic.  I am still in my men's yellow and green 
Señor Frog´s boxers and red chiefs shirt I wore as pajamas.  My hair is a mess and now I am a mess.

I have to add laundry back to my dry erase board list for the day...something I had so proudly erased earlier.  Guess I didn't need free time today after all.  The joys of being a parent.  :-)

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